Plan more. Stress less. We’re the pet care app.

Because pets are for life.​

We empower you to take ownership of your pet’s information and care, using one secure digital platform that can be taken anywhere and shared with whomever needs it when it matters most.

Free for all pet parents!

Empowering You to Make the Best Choices for Your Pet


Get peace of mind, knowing you can access all of your pet's data, in one click, 24/7


Easily share selected information with care providers, or in the event your pet is lost


Enjoy exclusive discount on the best pet product and services


Access insights, care, tips, and service providers


Pet parent peace of mind in one app.

All your pet’s data in one secure digital platform. Easily share information when your pet needs care or is lost.

Ideal for pet parents who:

  • Want to take ownership of their pets’ care records
  • Have “escape artist” pets
  • Travel with their pets
  • Love saving money on services and products
  • Want to make the best choices for their pets’ grooming, medical needs, and care

FREE for all pet parents!


Compassionate pet care for a lifetime.

Create a formalized guardianship agreement so when the unexpected happens, your pet is well cared for.

Ideal for pet parents who:

  • Are proactive about planning for their pets’ care
  • Wish to formalize a guardianship agreement
  • Want to create a financial plan for their pets’ care
  • Are looking for a cost-effective way to create a guardianship arrangement for their pets

Less than 10% of the cost of an estate planner.

About PetsVivo

We’re the definitive pet care app that empowers pet parents to make better choices for their pets by storing profile, care, and guardianship data within one centralized location, easily accessible when it matters most. Our mission is to create a pet parent culture that values the highest level of care for pets and embraces proactive planning for their future. Our community fosters a spirit of compassion among pet parents who treat their pets as family.
PetsVivo a one-stop app for pet care. Plan, track health, manage records, and ensure your pet's welfare effortlessly.

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